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Keyword : strip theory

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Tacking in the Wind Tunnel

David James Le Pelley; Richard G.J. Flay; Peter J. Richards; Frederik C. Gerhardt

Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium

Yacht Research Unit, University of Auckland


Conference Papers


The Effect of Pitch Radius of Gyration on Sailing Yacht Performance

Lars Larsson; Matz Brown; Peter Ottosson

High Performance Yacht Design Conference

Chalmers University of Technology


Conference Papers


Implementation, Application and Validation of the Zarnick Strip Theory Analysis Technique for Planing Boats

Andrew Ulak; Christopher D. Barry; Debabrata Ghosh; Richard Akers

High Performance Yacht Design Conference


Conference Papers


The Primitives, the General Theory, and the Limits for Sailboat Speed

Jerry N. Selness

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers


Journal Articles


The Effects of Flare and Overhangs on the Motions of a Yacht in Head Seas

John C. Kuhn; Eric C. Schlageter

Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium


Conference Papers