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Author : D Motta

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Modal Analysis of Pressures on a Full-Scale Spinnaker

B. Augier; D Motta; David James Le Pelley; F. Hauville; J. Deparday; M. Rabaud; P. Bot

Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium


Conference Papers


An Investigation of the Dynamic Behaviour of Asymmetric Spinnakers at Full-Scale

D J Le Pelley; D Motta; J. Deparday; P. Bot; Peter J. Richards; Richard G.J. Flay

High Performance Yacht Design Conference


Conference Papers


An experimental Investigation of Asymmetric Spinnaker Aerodynamics Using Pressure and Sail Shape Measurements

D J Le Pelley; D Motta; Richard G.J. Flay; Peter J. Richards

International Conference on Innovation in High Performance Sailing Yachts

Yacht Research Unit, University of Auckland


Conference Papers


Investigation of shroud tension on sailing yacht aerodynamics using full-scale real-time pressure and sail shape measurements

D J Le Pelley; D Motta; F Bergsma; H F Renzsch; Richard G.J. Flay; Peter J. Richards

Journal of Sailboat Technology

Kanazawa Institute of Technology


Research Reports