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Author : M. Durand

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Flexible Hydrofoil Optimization for the 35th America's Cup with Constrained Ego Method

F. Hauville; J.A. Astolfi; M. Durand; Matthieu Sacher; Regis Duvigneau

International Conference on Innovation in High Performance Sailing Yachts

Naval Academy Research Institute, France


Conference Papers


Experimental and numerical trimming optimizations for a mainsail in upwind conditions

F. Hauville; M. Durand; Matthieu Sacher; Regis Duvigneau; Olivier Le Maitre; Nicolas Aubin

Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium

Naval Academy Research Institute, France


Conference Papers


Sail Trimming FSI Simulation - Comparison of Viscous and Inviscid Flow Models to Optimise Upwind Sails Trim

Fabio Fossati; P. Bot; F. Hauville; M. Durand; Matthieu Sacher

High Performance Yacht Design Conference

Naval Academy Research Institute, France


Conference Papers


Numerical Study of a Flexible Sail Plan Submitted to Pitching: Hysteresis Phenomenon and Effect of Rig Adjustments

B. Augier; F. Hauville; M. Durand; Nicolas Aubin; P. Bot

Journal of Ocean Engineering


Journal Articles


aerodynamics; fluid dynamics; pitch; planform; rig; sails

Fluid Structure Interaction Analysis of a Hydrofoil

A. Leroyer; C. Lothode; L. Dorez; M. Delaitre; M. Durand; M. Visonneau; Yann Roux

International Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering


Conference Papers