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Keyword : International Measurement System (IMS)

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Pressure Measurements on Yacht Sails: Development of a New System for Wind Tunnel and Full Scale Testing

A. Vandone; Fabio Fossati; I. Bayati; M. Malandra; Sara Muggiasca; Gabriele Campanardi; Thomas Burch

Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium


Conference Papers


Experimental Database of Sails Performance and Flying Shapes in Upwind Conditions

Fabio Fossati; Fabrizio Martina; Sara Muggiasca

International Conference on Innovation in High Performance Sailing Yachts


Conference Papers


Measurement and Simulation of Pressure Distribution on Full Size Sails

J.B. Braun; Len Imas; Todd Barbera; William Graves

High Performance Yacht Design Conference


Conference Papers


Técnicas de ingeniería inversa empleadas para la medición de carenas de barcos de regatas: escáner láser y análisis tridimensional.

E. Carrillo; F. Escarpa; I. Trejo; J. Vicario; M. Rosa; N. Sironi; P. Ferrer

Madrid Diseño de Yates


Conference Papers


The Rig of the Research Sailing Yacht "Dyna" Measurements of Forces and FEA

Guenter Grabe

High Performance Yacht Design Conference


Conference Papers