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Keyword : composite materials

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Impact of Composite Layup on Hydrodynamic Performances of a Surface Pierc- ing Hydrofoil

B. Augier; V. Temtching; B. Dalmas; N. Dumergue; B. Paillard

Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium

Ecole Navale


Conference Papers


hydrodynamics; hydrofoils; composite materials

An Analytical Approach to Estimate the Compressive Strength of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastics

D. Glehen; V. Keryvin

International Conference on Innovation in High Performance Sailing Yachts

LBMS laboratory, ENSTA Bretagne


Conference Papers


Fully Integrated Fluid-Structural Analysis for the Design and Performance Optimisation of Fibre Reinforced Sails

S. Malpede; Donald MacVicar; Francesco Nasato; Paolo Semeraro

Chesapeake Sailing Yacht Symposium


Conference Papers


Sailing Yacht Transom Sterns - A Systematic CFD Investigation

Lars Larsson; Michael Orych; Jens Allroth; Ting-Hua Wu

High Performance Yacht Design Conference


Conference Papers


Characterisation of the Processing Properties of Out-of-Autoclave Prepregs

Chris Hickey; Simon Bickerton

High Performance Yacht Design Conference


Conference Papers